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Sri lankan girls images galeries, lankan girls latest news and hot girls and models photography will be published on lankangirl.com . Everyday new photos are updated and keep it touch with Sri lankan girls to see more news about Sri lankan girls models and actresses.

Sri lankan girls #2

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colombo nights #6

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SL party Girls..........part2(Download full video below)

Girls taking alcohol
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Paba(Upeksha swarnamali) - Hot Video

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sexy photo of Paba - Upeksha

Train to Kandy (2012) - Nadeesha's Hot movie (Download the Movie now)

(Download "Train to Kandy full movie (2012)"First release with ilivid player)

Train to Kandy (2012)
twenty four year age girl "Jenny" and fourteen years old girl "Amanda" try to survive the night and escape from "Marlon", a diabolic thug who wants the girls captured under the suspicion of killing his father. 
This is one of the hot movies of Nadeesha Hemamali and her acting is tremendous. Download Train to Kandy movie soon. This will be coming soon in theaters. 

Srilankan L girls series No1(sukiri kello)

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Night Clubs in colombo : Part 1

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Hottest dress by Yureni Noshika

Hottest dress by Yureni Noshika photo by Vikram Bawa. Yureni is one of popular actress and model in Sri lanka and nowadays she is out of tele dramas without any reason, hope she will back to work soon...

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